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  1. Alyssa is a class act! So sharp and generous with a serious work ethic. Wishing her the very best in these endeavors. Chicago area is lucky to have her and her family!

  2. Hello Alyssa,

    Like you I am an entrepreneur and my journey has been long and hard. I have created an app for kids that stems back to 2009. I was wondering if you would have any ideas for me on who to contact in Silicon Valley to discuss what I have created and how important it is to get it into the hands of today’s youth.

  3. Way to go —
    I have daughter who is a achiever -/ not in your league yet— going to get your book for her— I think I’ll read first — starting new chapter myself —- some of best coaching I’ve recieved is from smart ladies — I’m older ( my knuckles don’t drag) and realize women have great talents —
    You Said keep swinging — it’s not easy -/ we said the harder I work the luckier I get —

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