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  1. Yay Kimberly! I love that illustration of you! It totally embodies your fun, beauty and flow! I’m so excited to join all of the fun events at Work+Space this year! As well as share in the women’s circle coming up! It’s been a rough year so far, but I have a feeling the last half will be most fun and prosperous ever!
    Thanks for being a beautiful inspiration and creating such a wonderful transformation space!

  2. Kimberly Arquilla is an incredible leader who has created a safe space for women to come together. I love her Work + Shop concept because I always feel welcome there. As women, we need to support female business founders, owners and entrepreneurs! We need to buy their products and services. Bravo Kimberly, we need more Work+Shop locations.

  3. Kimberly!! Great article and totally accurate in describing you! I can’t say enough about the amazing things you’re doing. Work+Shop is truly an innovative concept and I love its focus on supporting women-owned businesses.
    All the best of success to you and the store.
    P.S. I hope you will frame that illustration of you! Maybe even offer it for sale! Gorgeous.

  4. Kimberly is an inspiration! She pursues her passions…. with a passion! Work+Shop is an incredible concept, serving a previously unmet need in the community for a women to women network. Why navigate business and life on your own when there is a vast pool of resources available in the women in our community that have experience, knowledge, empathy, creativity, and networks of their own that can and will help? I encourage you to check out Work+Shop (in the old Tigers and Tulips building) and learn about what it has to offer while you browse the unique items available from women entrepreneurs. And I can personally attest to Kimberly’s love of a big juicy steak!

  5. Kim is wonderful and her energy is contagious! She will go out of her way to help anyone. She has so many great ideas/events planned for Work+Shop it is going to be a great addition to the Hinsdale community. She is a rockstar!

    • Kimberly has turned her passion into a business. Her focus is to support, educate and encourage women to succeed in business and in life. As a community-based organization, a portion of profits go into supporting local women in need through B&B Foundation. She loves to empower and collaborate with women as they transition through different phases of their lives.

      Upon entering Work+Shop you instantly feel the positive energy of inspiration and creativity. While our Workshop classes are temporarily on hold we look forward to rescheduling soon. Check our website for details:
      thework-shop.com as well as Online Shopping. Although this is a challenging time to open a new shop, Kimberly continues to support local businesses and encourages others to do the same.

      If you are looking for that unusual gift this is The Boutique for you. Work+ Shop carries unique products including Kai, Susan Shaw, Shelley Kyle, Bella ll Fiore, and
      Giannelli Designs. Hinsdale is very fortunate to have Kimberly Arquilla as part of their community. 

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