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  1. Oh my! Thank goodness!!! I’ve been looking for something like this for my daughters to participate in! What a wonderful way for them to spend their time!

  2. Can’t wait to get my girls involved. Such a great way for them to meet people with similar interests.

  3. Thank you Rosie Conway and Hinsdale Living for this outstanding article. There is definitely a strong interest among Middle School and High School girls to get involved in theatre. It has benefited our children in so many ways; helps build confidence, encourages risk taking and imagination, and instills a growing appreciation of the fine arts. Thank you for writing this article and for encouraging others to empower their voice through theatre.

  4. Way to go Noha! This is were my heart lies. It is so nice to see another organization that empowers those that feel less than empowered.

  5. This is beyond refreshing. It is time to stop allowing girls to mitigate their gifts. “I’m sorry” needs to be eliminated from their vocabulary when they are expressing their thoughts and opinions. Thanks to Noha for making a difference and focusing on giving our girls the tools they need to build self esteem and build each other up. I look forward to sending my Betsy to the camp when she’s a little older.

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