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  1. I attended Fortnightly in the 1970’s. There were a lot more kids learning how to dance and be polite with the opposite sex.

    I had a huge crush on a particular girl and I remember just smiling at her, with just a huge grin from across the floor. I eventually asked her out. She had to approve this with her mother.

    Did I learn how to dance formally? No. However, I am a very good dancer.

  2. I have fond memories of fortnightly. I attended in 1961, I believe, graduated from Hinsdale Central in 1966.
    It definitely gave us all, a poise and grace, both boys and girls, that I’m sure affected our socialization and job
    opportunities later in life. It wasn’t just about the dance, it was about respecting other people and learning how to be courteous and self assured. I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend.
    In my senior year I was invited to Annapolis by a boy I had met through my cousin. It was a dance for the plebeians and I felt completely confident, and self assured going, I’m sure because of fortnightly. Thanks so much.

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