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  1. I work with both of the surgeons in this article. They are awesome and what was noted in the article rings true. I am a nurse and I see them interact with patients and nursing staff. It is a joy to work beside such humble and kind physicians.

  2. I stumbled across this article by accident. It was interesting to get to know Dr David and his family more personally through this article. My family has used the services of the multi-generations of the Hamming family for decades. My son, who will be 30 this year, broke both bones in his lower leg, including atleast five fractures, when he was in 7th grade. About 8 months later, he broke both arms simultaneously, requiring surgery on his elbow. Dr. Bruce was wonderful, giving us the many options on how to treat his very complicated situations. It was a long recovery, but I am glad to say my son is absolutely fine now. I myself have been under Dr. David’s care for years due to severe osteoarthritis in my knee. He has given me many years of pain relief, buying ne a lot of time without undergoing a knee replacement too early in life. Even Dr. Mark has treated my husband for a shoulder issue. They are a wonderful family of caring doctors, and I would recommend them to anyone!

  3. I was looking for information about the hospital at Great Lakes and saw the name Dr. Hamming. I didn’t realize it was an article that would bring back such good memories. I got the pleasure to work for, and later become a patient of Dr Ed Hamming. It was a practice called Viking Square Orthopaedics in Gurnee Illinois. I was young and had recently gotten out of the Navy. Although my time with them was short, I went on to work with a few doctors, I can say that Dr. Hamming had the best bed side manner of anyone. I was also a patient of his and I believe his brother was there when I had surgery. I was in a car accident, and needed to have surgery on my left knee. I believe that was in 1991 and my ACL surgery is still a success. If his sons are anything like him, consider yourself in good hands.

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