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  1. I have known Jack Schuler for over 40 years and he is one of the most unique and remarkable persons I have ever met. He has been my boss, mentor, ski partner, fellow investor and client–but most of all, my good friend. Jack and his daughter Tanya Schuler Sharman deserve great credit for co-founding the Schuler Scholar Program, a very special program that has given over 1,200 deserving high school students a chance to unlock their potential and follow their dreams. Jack Schuler, who already is known as a legend in the medical industry and the world of philanthropy, is truly deserving of the Local Legends honor he will receive on November 1. Congratulations, Jack!

  2. I have known Jack since 1984 when he hired me. There is no question that his professional mentorship has been a huge asset to my career.
    Jack encouraged me in 1985 to look at a home in Beaver Creek CO where he was. We have had a home in Beaver Creek ever since thanks to Jacks suggestion.
    I was fortunate to have him as Board Member, a ski partner (he was much better) and investment partner.
    He was and is always eager to listen and help when needed.
    Our family has greatly enjoyed many times being with all his children and grandchildren.
    What a gift it has been to know Jack.
    Jack, congratulations on yet another honor.
    Paul Clark

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