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How To Prevent & Reverse Brain Damage Due To …

April 17, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


During This Exclusive Event You’ll Discover

How 100 NFL players, representing 27 teams and all positions showed

improve cognitive function of who previously sustained brain injuries.

You’ll Also Learn

● Why some people are affected more by concessions than others

● What are the long term effects of concussions on memory,

mood, & attention

● Why ‘Mild Head Traumas’ can lead to 4x greater risk of knee injuries

● Learn how a Baseline Concussion study can help your child

avoid missing playing time

● Why standard concussion can be dangerous†for athletes

● And, if you’ve had a concussion(s) how to know & what you can

do about!

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Julie McLaughlin, McLaughlin Care

Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, Amen Clinic


Gorton Community Center
400 East Illinois Rd.
Lake Forest, 60045 United States