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  1. A year, or two ago, I saw mature cow parsnip plants on Riverside Drive , East of Saranac, Mi ( before the curves of the State ground). Just recently, I saw some young plants along Bennett Rd, west of Bliss, tho I wasn’t sure, as the plants were young/immature,and I haven’t seen them at that stage of development. But, I’ve been ‘wondering’, and have been ‘planning’ to go over to Riverside Drive, to try to find what I had seen a year, or two ago. Now, with seeing these pictures, I believe what I’ve seen on Bennett, are cow parsnip.

  2. I think I just spotted what appears to be cow parsnip in Lake Forest on the south side of Old Elm between Greenbay and Timber. I think this property is adjacent to Old Elm golf course.

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