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  1. It is sad that banning any object, such as straws, is becoming acceptable because of legitimate environmental concerns, instead of focusing on the real problem, which is people littering in general. Is it ok to throw cigarette butts on the ground or in a body of water? If it is not acceptable, why not ban cigarettes? Next time you walk down the street or on a beach, count the various pieces of litter you encounter. The vast majority will be cigarette butts. America learned during prohibition that banning alcohol did not solve any societal problems, it simply created other problems. We can’t ban all products that cause environmental problems, so why don’t we as a nation focus on asking our friends to refrain from littering with ANY object, and instead place any and all items to be discarded in waste receptacles or recycle bins to be properly disposed of. This solves the problem without banning any single item that many people find needful.

    • Nothing sad about it. Good for her, and good for her for caring about something important. Every thing helps.

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