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  1. “Isn’t it great how life in Lake Bluff is such that we can fret about curb trash rather than violent crime? ”

    There have been at least three armed robberies in Lake Bluff during the last calendar year; two remain unsolved. There have also been numerous car thefts. This ain’t Mayberry, Carl.

    And as to the trash issue, for as expensive as it is to live here, the Village needs to be more vigiland regarding citing residents for violating trash pickup rules regarding oversized items or trash left outside of the carts, which attracts vermin. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, given that low crime rate.

    • If we’re talking about folks who leave bags of trash directly on the ground, or recidivists with a curbside that regularly has a mountain of trash, then I agree that the village should be taking action. That’s not sanitary. But it’s a bridge too far to hammer residents with fines because they break down a few shipping boxes and leave them next to the recycling container for pickup. There’s a reasonable middle ground to be found here.

    • Peg, even with the incidents you allude to, Lake Bluff is still indeed “a bubble” – at least East of “the tracks”… Do we want our police force trying to solve and prevent those things, or cruising the East side issuing trash citations? The fact that some in our community can get so worked up about an issue like this is further evidence of our bubble environment…
      Instead of the standard two trash barrels, and a handful of “un-barreled” trash piles, we would be looking at 4-6 trash barrels per household or even those commercial dumpsters. Is that a level of improvement worthy of all this hyperbole?

  2. Isn’t it great how life in Lake Bluff is such that we can fret about curb trash rather than violent crime? By the way, per the official published waste collection policy of Groot and Lake Bluff, Groot will pick up one bulky item per household on the regular trash day each week of the year. So, one could put a chair or end table for example at the curb each and every week, and would be in compliance with the rules. I have driven many loads of refuse to the village public works facility, but I’ve also made use of the curb policy for large items. I appreciate that Lake Bluff is so accommodating to its residents.

  3. I agree with David B. The semi-annual pickup is for large items like kiddy pools, large furniture, etc. In between times, residents can take their large items to the public works facility or to Goodwill, which has a very convenient drop off point in Libertyville (open every day) rather than dragging them to the curb. Also, I am amazed at the apparent disrespect for the Groot employees shown by residents who don’t bother to break down their cardboard shipping boxes and packaging materials, just leaving it all in a heap at the curb. Groot collects our garbage but they shouldn’t have to clean up all our messes. It reminds me of the people who leave their grocery carts in the middle of the Jewel parking lot, but that’s a rant for another time…

  4. Mr. Barkhausen: Babies require diapers and wipes. Diapers and wipes are packaged in cardboard boxes. Sometimes those boxes do not fit neatly into a recycling container. Is it seriously your position that, if a cardboard box that does not fit into the recycling bin is folded and placed on the curb to be picked up, Groot should refuse to pick it up and a homeowner should be fined? Same for residents who just moved into their home, or celebrated Christmas; are you demanding that they refrain from breaking those boxes down and leaving them curbside to be picked up by the recycling service for which our tax dollars pay?

    If your retort is that we should take oversized items to Public Works, for those of us who are at work from 8 am until 6 pm, when do you propose that we do so? Stay home from work to make a run to Public Works?

    Demanding punitive action against citizens who are doing nothing more than using the waste and recycling service funded by our tax dollars is, as Mr. Grimmer already stated, patently unreasonable. I think we can all agree that our Village has some issues to address. This is not one of them.

  5. Garbage needs to get picked up. Your complaint is unreasonable. For the photos you show here; what would you have residents do? I’ve not seen a receptacle that can hold a plastic kiddy pool or old piece of furniture.

    • We have a very lovely refuse park that these kinds of things can be taken to. Usually very friendly people there.
      Thanks, David, for writing this. I have also written to the Village to complain in the past about this, and will do it again.

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