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  1. Look to the details in this article.

    How is any regulation justified that dictates you can’t have a guest over a couple nights a month if your driveway is within 5 feet of your neighbors.

    Especially when any guest to Lake Bluff can park in the street at any time, day and night, between April 1 and mid November. Guests don’t need to park in anyone’s driveway.

    There are homes in Lake Bluff that have one car wide/long driveways, driveways without a garage, or old houses that are pretty close to within five feet away from one another, and they can have a guest over for less then 30 days; just not a home that has a driveway within exactly five feet of another driveway. No matter the privacy division between homes or driveways.
    Make it better, Ask – Who is the bully? Property rights cross all boundaries. Quiet respectful enjoyment is a given that should not be taken away. EVERY homeowner should have the ability to use their home in a safe respectful manner without needless restrictions.
    Know where your tax dollars go. Lake Bluff taxes are high. Legal fees add to high taxes.

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