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  1. The problem with the Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (VIDA) is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will no longer have regulatory authority over the Coast Guard releasing ballast water. If S.1129 is passed (because VIDA is attached) the Coast Guard will decide when and where to discharge water from the ballasts of cargo vessels. Although stabilizing the vessel is important, the problem is discharging ballast water that contains plant and animal species, and possible viruses from other waterways. By way of example, the invasive zebra mussel, brought from Eastern Europe has caused much damage to the ecosystem of the Great Lakes, including our Lake Michigan.
    Go to: waterkeeper.org (and search: URGENT: Protect Our Waterways From Aquatic Invaders) to find more information and a sample letter to send your senators. No mater where you may spend your winter, this amendment impacts ALL American waterways.

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