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  1. I respectfully disagree that this issue is divided based on age of board members/residents. Besides that young people have written in support of AirBNBs is that a younger PCZBA member voted to move short term rentals forward.

    Have you considered that banning might actually decrease property values. Consider the results of banning. Arbitrarily taking away town wide property rights is not so great. We are not gated. Our town currently has zoning code that implies a permit is needed before renting less than 30 days. A ban will then, in essence, take away a property right, possibly decreasing marketing my home to future buyers. Regulations are a better safer option.

    Also, when the Village TRUSTees vote again and again whether to move the issue forward and after much deliberation, pass it each time; and, then direct the Zoning Board to come up with draft regulations, why aren’t they doing so? What I heard was why should I(Zoning Board member) go through the effort if it will be banned. The answer, because we elect our leaders to serve. And service means, untangling political agendas to look at the logical reasoning, with supporting research. But then again, I grew up in the City of Brotherly Love, before moving to The City on the Hill. I might view things differently as a relatively newer Illinois resident; i.e. transient homeowner.

    In answer to some further points:
    1. Regarding no data. Of course there is research, authentic, data driven scholarly research. Google Wall Street Journal and Short Term Rentals. And, know that I have documented answers to the many concerns since last July, see the Keep Lake Bluff Liveable Facebook page.
    2. Regarding a referendum. I don’t care either way. BUT might be a waste of money when the state comes in and takes away the ban power of all. 4 states have already enacted a statewide Ban AGAINST Banning on this subject. Don’t you think our town will be better equipped to have regulations grandfathered in, before the state steps in and says no ban and no regulations other than basic.
    3. Regarding small, close, neighborly feeling of trust and concern for your neighbor. It’s a good goal. So if my neighbor brings in a guest while they are in the home should I then distrust them more, because I don’t know their guest?

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