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  1. April 2nd, is now a day that will live in infamy as the day that Deerfield Residents were shown what fools they were…when they allowed the Village of Deerfield to become a Home Rule Community.

  2. My realty friend in Mansfield Ohio was just contacted by Caterpillar on property to relocate Deerfield HQ. Has this been heard of or is it just now developing due to the new gun rediculousness?

  3. Three questions:
    1. How does HP and Deerfield define “Assault Weapon?” Ill defined can be very inclusive.
    2. How does a ban not equate to confiscation?
    3. How are these communities safer when the only people who will have such guns are the criminals and not the law abiding residents?

    Al Boese

  4. Would it be too much to ask what HP stands for? I’d be shocked if Hewlett Packard would imperil its stellar reputation by joining Deerfield in this endeavor. I searched the internet for likely abbreviations and found none.

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