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  1. Revised, proofed! While there is growing consensus or agreement that there should not be change from any siding proposal that has a negative environmental impact on our communities, it is also true that both the additional Amtrak trains and the stop at Lake forest could have significant impact on the commuting options for persons living and working in Lake Forest. The trains would stop at Racine, Mitchell Field, and downtown Milwaukee going north, giving us access to the more thriving economy north of the state line: SC Johnson and the future FoxConn in and west of Racine, notably. Also, workers from those communities could commute to Lake Forest. More trains mean a critical mass of frequency of trains for true service. The LF stop would bring possible families to town from the north and also from the city, where the commute time would be shortened to about 40 minutes. In the absence of sound environmental information, we should avoid saying that there is no advantage to Lake Forest and properties here to having the stop and the increased frequency of trips. It is also environmentally sound to get people using public transportation rather than cars to commute. We also require more information about the actual use for the sidings–how much use, etc. to make intelligent choices.

  2. Thank you, Alderman Rummel, for your insights, energy, intelligence and concern for our precious community!

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