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  1. 4-3 vote and a lesson in small town politics. Did zoning board member Ms. Collins vote objectively, evaluating best interest to entire town? Hard to say since she lives two doors down from the built as legal non conforming owner occupied home, that started the controversy, next to her good friends the Capps.
    People have asked numerous times that Ms. Collins recluse herself from discussions on the matter because of her personal interest. It did not occur. Shame when you consider the town has access to reasonable, rational, factual, scholarly information on benefits to town from properly regulated short term rentals; Visit the Keep Lake Bluff Livable Facebook page to view the continuing dialogue on the subject. Call me silly, but a subjective zoning board member with a clear personal interest should take a step back in such discussions in order to look at the good for all. If clear rational was provided, it would be more acceptable.
    Thus another possible reason why Illinois Senate Bill 1735, banning a town’s ability to ban short term rentals, was introduced.

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