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  1. The railroad has been here for 150 years. Noise and pollution are minimal compared to the steam train era. The value of homes increases with good public transit.
    A third track north of Tower A-5 to Morton Grove is workable with the broad extant right-of-way. From Roundout south for at least four miles a third track could be added. Both would allow freights to have minimum dwell time and avoid Metra and Amtrak interference. Longer term a third track through Golf, Glenview, and Northbrook is a major undertaking. Perhaps a trench not unlike the one in Reno, NV. But that is big money and it would take big infrastructure money, not tax cuts.

  2. I don’t understand a lot of the uproar for us LFers. A Southbound freight train parked at Middlefork Savanna would have the noise generating locomotives parked near Rt-60 – pretty far from the handful of houses in Academy Woods. If anything, the parked train cars would block the sound of passing trains (if it on that side). Slow moving train cars coming to a stop or accelerating are quieter than fast moving trains (not sure about braking noise though). I understand the consistent outcry over environmental issues and sympathize, but cities have gotten built nonetheless, and will continue. And, the tracks are pretty far from the paths/trails.

    My main question that I have not seen addressed is the increased downtime at the railroad crossings for Conway, Everett, Old Mill and Half Day. I don’t know the acceleration rate of a long/heavy train, but I assume it could still be moving quite slowly on its southbound trip at these intersections. The resultant longer closures of the intersections will be inconvenient for residents in that area (me included)…..but of true critical concern, is the increased response time of the emergency vehicles from the fire station next door to the West Lake Forest train depot when they’re needing to get to any emergency east of Waukegan Road. Has this been addressed? (Half joking here – maybe the car wash plan could be replaced by an additional firehouse.)

  3. I think this effort is misguided. We need better transportation here or the community will not be able to renew itself and attract new young families and build a better place to live. The alternative is exodus to the city or other towns suitable for a young working family. There availability of careers in the area isn’t getting any better here up north. Commuters need this. The community needs this.

    • Agreed that there is a need for transportation upgrades, but two parking spaces for freight trains isn’t the right solution. With the holding track plan, there is no doubt it will contribute to the issues that have been pointed out – noise, pollution, blocking intersections, etc., with little (if any) benefit to the communities.

      Also, more Amtrak & Freight trains will make things worse for commuters as it just means more dominoes fall whenever there’s a delay. Currently the evening ‘express’ trains on the Metra MD-N are already 5-10 minutes late by the time they get to Deerfield because of congestion on the line, and running more trains can only make that worse.

      If Amtrak, Metra & CP want to do this right, they need to build a 3rd track from Chicago to Roundout. A 3rd track the whole way can significantly increase capacity for Metra, which would actually benefit the communities along the line. At the very least, a third track from Northbrook to Roundout is a better solution so freight trains can keep moving than two parking spaces.

  4. When is the next town hall meeting on this so I can voice my opinion instead of listening to a bunch of supersensitive crybabies crab about getting all the products they use everyday by rail.I will say to anyone in person what I would say on here.I will bring some cheese with me so we can all share it with the whine.

    • Thank you, Steve!

      I want to know what else I can do to show my support of the new tracks and stations, have any suggestions?

      I feel like the resistance effort is entirely made up of cranky retired folks…. stay off my lawn sonny! Its a shame… We desperately need the development.

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