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  1. You bring to light that education on the subject is necessary.

    The largest percentage of AirBNB operators are owner occupied. The homeowners are present during the guest stay, just like a B&B. And, since a property owner is opening up their home, their greatest asset, you can be assured AirBNB’s peer review process for potential guests, including further research and communications, is taken seriously.

    Have you ever tried to book a B&B? They might say unavailable, but they won’t turn you away if available. With AirBNB hosts can deny a guest stay if the guest purpose does not suit the host interest. The host needs to protect their asset and community.

    Last, why would a Victorian be perfect for a B&B? Are you next going to state only blue Victorians?

    AirBNB has treehouses, river boats, contemporaries, vintage flats, victorians, modern condos. It does not discriminate. It is a shared economic platform. Try it, that is if you make the vetting process. The people you meet are amazing community ambassadors.

    The handful of AirBNBs that were operating for two years without any problem whatsoever, all (except one) had the homeowner on site during the guest stay.

    I prefer to think Lake Bluff is a community of educators, not just cheerleaders.

  2. What’s nice about the alternative of allowing a small number of established B&B’s to operate in Lake Bluff is that the proprietors of those establishments would be on site and constantly monitoring the situation at all times. This would ensure that those temporary residents would never be in a position to cause problems to the community. Your “neighbor” would still be available and accountable, maintaining the property daily and monitoring the coming and going of the residents.

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