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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I know exactly how it feels to be so vulnerable. It was just over three years ago, as I sat alone at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Warrenville, watching the NFC Championship game. The game went into overtime, so I ordered one more beer and walked to the bathroom as the bartender placed my beer at the bar. I was not drunk by any means, just mildly buzzed, if you will.

    Fortunately, the overtime period ended abruptly as I began to notice my light buzz was multiplying rapidly. I didn’t think much of it considering I knew I was well within my normal drink limit. My house was less than a mile away, so I decided to hit the road as soon as the game ended, and at the same time, I finished the last of that beer.

    By the time I walked into the parking lot I felt confused and disoriented. I couldn’t find my car right away, and I began to wonder how in the world I was becoming such a mess? I made it home and sat in my car for a few minutes, afraid to walk into my house at 6:30PM and eat dinner with my wife and two young kiddos. I couldn’t speak. The only thing I could do is sit at the table and fight to keep from passing out. My wife was livid and my children kept looking at me as if I was wasted…which, I was, technically.

    The next thing I knew, I woke up in my bed around 5:00AM, completely soaked in urine and vomit. I got up, with virtually zero hangover, and went to visit my clientele for the day. It wasn’t until the next day, on Tuesday, that I shared this story with a longterm client and she immediately insisted that I was drugged. I denied it at first, figuring I simply underestimated how much I drank and failed to eat enough food. But, as I pieced it together more and more, I finally acknowledged there was no doubt someone roofied my drink just prior to halftime.

    I still have strong feelings about that experience and cannot imagine what would have happened to me if that football game lasted another 5-minutes. I would have never made it home, or at least, I wouldn’t have made it home on my own terms. Who did it? What were their intentions? I figure it could have been a simple prank, robbery, rape, murder or combination of all?

    For real, it was the craziest experience for me, ever, and I feel blessed for being able to ride out the storm (for the most part) inside my own home. To share a bit about myself at the time…I was 42 years old, fit, strong, and ‘street smart’, if I may say so…but, it still happened. Keep your eyes peeled. Everyone is a target, not just college coeds.

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