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  1. Regarding illuminating the question of market value, there is already authentic scholarly research on this subject. All of which illuminates how STRs actually increase community home values. More on that later.

    For now, if I understand your letter correctly you want to ban or delay any regulations, just in case a resident can’t sell their home at the value they expect and they can attribute it to their neighbor having guests over a couple times a month, and then sue the town for allowing their neighbor to have guests over?

    Then, If my neighbor places a number of fearful signs in their yard and it causes my house to either not sell or to not get the value I expect, then I can sue the neighbor and the town for allowing it to occur?

    If my neighbor has chickens and bees and it causes my property value to go down, then I can sue the town for allowing it to occur?

    And, if a village creates an UNwarranted cease and desist, causing a resident who can’t sell her house to lose 19,000 in revenue, can the resident sue the town to be exempt from paying taxes that year?

    If my property taxes keep increasing, causing my property value to decrease, can I sue the town?

    Where does it stop.

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