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  1. I suggest that if “profit” to the town is a motive for action, then it should be axiomatic that all park areas and services (that do and do not offer “profit”) must also be part of this discussion. We have no problem spending fortunes on parks and places to walk but cannot even afford washrooms on this beautiful golf course? I have lady friends that choose to not play Lake Bluff because we offer “porta potty” washrooms. Lovely…NOT. This town of ours now has the highest taxes of any community that I know of… we, as a community have not been very prudent with our spending, albeit it is even more apparent that the choices made have not always been for the whole community. We surely have taxed many good souls out of town. That is a terrible legacy for all of us. I encourage the board to find ways to make the golf course better for all citizens; surrounding communities and to foster an environment there that attracts more commerce. That seems pretty simple … we have a revolving door of businesses in the town proper. Is the REC center profitable? There are dozens of ways to make that whole area of town a year-round adventure. Thank you, Lee Nysted …resident since 1980

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