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  1. Al,

    The problem I have responding to you is choosing which of the many counter points I should expand upon on why regulated short term rentals are good for communities.

    In the interest of time, let me summarize a no harm stance. Short term rentals in Lake Bluff were going on unnoticed for two years without any problems or cares; Lake Forest, Libertyville, Knollwood, Green Oaks, Waukegan, Highland Park, etc. etc. all have short term rentals. In fact, Naperville, voted best city in America last year, has an abundance of Airbnb offerings. The reason this subject “blew up” was not based on any problem of any kind.

    Drama inducing statements referring to tearing a community apart, abundance of signs, and benefiting a few, besides false, they don’t move a community towards progress.

    And, you must agree that there needs to be reasonable justification for a referendum to take away a constitutional right. What is it?

    You obviously care about our town. And, I like the idea that your OP brings to the forefront the idea that all Illinois residents should be examining how governing authorities operate.

  2. “Referendum” sure sounds as American as apple pie, but before we march towards the tyranny of the majority (because you can’t win the debate on intellectual grounds) shouldn’t we have an actual definition of “short term”? What doe you propose, Al, for your absolute ban on short term rentals? What do you propose should be the absolute minimum length of a rental in Lake Bluff? 30 days? 60? 90? Six months? One year? Isn’t that what we should let the Village officials propose after thoughtful consideration of facts? Or, should we elect one resident to be supreme-leader-for-life of Lake Bluff and make things simple?

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