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  1. This editorial is strange and confusing to me. Are you advocating banning all “transient occupants”?

    Even Kim Jong-un and North Korea allow tourism. Are you advocating for ideas that even they are not crazy enough to implement?

  2. More hyperbole against short term rentals, and that’s what’s truly divisive. Tossing around the word “transient” as if it’s a dirty word – as if anyone who doesn’t live in Lake Bluff longer term is somehow automatically “unwashed”… Whenever we travel for business or for vacation, then we, too, are “transients”. My wife and I have used VRBO.com to rent places for one week in Hawaii, Palm Beach, FL, and the Cayman Islands – all pretty nice places…. I assure you that we obeyed all the rules, and conducted ourselves respectfully… Why assume that people suddenly become malicious when on vacation for a week? What evidence is there that short term (vacation) renters are more prone to problematic behavior?

    Any time someone from another town travels to Lake Bluff to dine or shop, then they are also technically transients. Do we want people outside of Lake Bluff patronizing our town’s businesses? I’m actually not even trying to argue in favor of short term rentals. I’m merely annoyed at the hysteria of the anti’s. Just what kind of people do you think want to rent a room in Lake Bluff for a week? Rowdy college kids? Doubtful… I’ve experienced long-term residents near me in Lake Bluff throwing loud outdoor parties late into the night. When someone is disturbing the peace like that, it hardly matters if they are short-term or long-term residents. The rules are already in place to deal with that… If we want to arrive at the best decisions on town policies, and quell the divisiveness, then we need to remain rational, and skip the hyperbole.

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