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  1. Money does not make a candidate or Trump would never have been elected president. Shah seems to be endeavoring to buy his election, as he put one millions dollars into his campaign which has enabled him to put slick ads on the Sean Hannity Fox News show. The Republican Establishment is behind Shah because it wants someone who doesn’t particularly like Trump, who is pro-choice, and who is fine with illegal aliens flowing into this nation. It is knows that Shah was asked to run as a token candidate because of his ethnic background of being born in Waukegan to parents who came from India.

    Here is my article about the three Republican candidates running to defeat incumbent Democrat Brad Schneider in the 1oth U.S. Congressional District which was published yesterday at Illinois Review.
    http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/illinoisreview /2018/02/10th-cd-gop-hopeful-faces-womens-republican-of-lake-forestlake-bluff.html#more

    Douglass Bennett stands heads and shoulders above either Shah and Wynes. Shah is well aware of how I rate him.

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