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  1. It is well known that the Rockland Fire Protection District trustees are appointed by the Lake County Board. To that I’m sure all would agree is an obvious point of fact.

    One of the lesser known points is one that Lake County Board Member Mike Rummel stated at the April 29th, 2017 Knollwood Town Hall Meeting with corroboration of Barry Burton the Lake County Administrator, is that once an RFPD trustee is selected and appointed by Aaron Lawlor, the Lake County Board President, there is no direct oversight or recourse authority that the RFPD trustees are accountable to for their daily actions, other than for egregious behavior or actions that would need to be brought to Lisa Madigan’s Attorney General Office for legal governance assistance after they occur. In essence, the trustees of the RFPD operate in a vacuum of daily oversight – accountable to nobody and no one – operating in a position of authority granted thru privilege. Privilege, which grants power over others to influence and transform circumstances with no available democratic process of checks and balances to those that they govern over. In other words, the RFPD trustees have been granted agency. Those granted with the privilege of political agency have power over those without access to the same privilege.

    This is an accurate description of the specious environment of political agency with no democratic representation present that exists today at the RFPD. The owners of the RFPD trust, the residents of Knollwood /The Sanctuary who pay direct and apportioned taxes that have over many many years – bought, built, and paid for the Knollwood fire station and everything in it, have no democratically provided say, vote, voice, input, on any material decisions that can affect the future ongoing concern of their RFPD trust property.

    To simply hope for the best is not enough nor the responsible decision to move forward. The circumstance of the consolidation proposal being pushed now by appointed RFPD trustees prior to the 2019 democratic election of RFPD trustees should cause any thinking person pause. Respectfully, I ask on behalf of myself and fellow Knollwood/Sanctuary residents that the City of Lake Forest and Village of Libertyville stay their consolidation discussions and actions with the current Lake County appointed RFPD board of trustees until the RFPD district elects our own trustees in April of 2019.

    I assure you that I only make these statements to help bring attention to details that will hopefully lead to a democratic result which honors trust among the men and women that form our communities. Trust that solidifies faith between everyone and insures movement towards a common good for all. For if the Knollwood Volunteer Fire Station needs to close forever, it should rightfully be done by the vote and hand of its true owners who it has so dutifully served for over 60 years………


    David Brown
    Sanctuary Resident and Elected Board Member

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