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  1. Congratulations Jordan and Liz. We trusted them with our puppy (who is now almost 4). We did potty train her at home, but under the guidance of Jordan, so she trained quickly.

    She also attended boot camp and is a wonderfully trained dog. He took the time to get her used to her travel carrier and being in loud, busy, public places so we could travel with her…she is such an amazingly good traveler that other passengers aren’t aware she was even in the cabin until we deplane and remove her from her carrier. He was also instrumental in training her to accept her eye drops, which she needed for many months due to eye issues.

    Our dog goes to daycare with Jordan and we also board her because they treat her like their family dog. She is also enrolled in nosework, which she loves and also enjoy going on monthly pack walks, so she continues to exercise her knowledge she learned with Lakeshore K9

    I truly believe if you actually love your dog you train your dog. It keeps them safer, it exercises their mind, and makes them much happier.

    As a helicopter dog Mom I investigated many places before trusting my baby with anyone.

    We wish you much success as you continue to grow your dreams Jordan and Liz.

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