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  1. Thank you, Brad, for your very articulate view. Yes, we should take a long-range view and yes, Lake Bluff has a much more active, vibrant CBD than we did in 2005.
    I particularly agree that “without thoughtful change we will become obsolete.” Not all change is thoughtful. I have a dead housing project in my backyard, and its been there for 12 years now, because an-unthoughtful change was approved by the Village. Please recall that this project was approved with the restriction that no one under the age of 18 could live there and at least one homeowner needed to be at least 55 years of age. Can you imagine more foolish and un-Lake Bluff restrictions?
    I also recall the Mercatus Medical Center proposal, to build a medical office/treatment building that would compete with Lake Forest Hospital while generating no sales tax dollars. Had that been approved, Target and its satellite buildings, which generate good sales tax revenues, would not be there. Maybe the new hospital would not be here either.
    On the other hand, I did strongly support the renovation of the CBD and the loosening of parking requirements, which I agree have paid off beautifully. Those were thoughtful, reasonable, changes. Our outstanding merchants should be proud that we have a parking problem.
    I hope that someone comes up with a thoughtful plan for Stonebridge that would be “a compatible transition between the R-2 area to the north and the E-2 area to the south”, as envisioned in the very thoughtful 1997 Comprehensive Plan. I haven’t seen that plan yet, so I will continue to oppose un-thoughtful change.

  2. Kate, you prove Mr. Anderson’s point.

    First, he did not at all suggest that non-long-term residents don’t have valid opinions nor that they should stay silent. He mentioned his tenure in Lake Bluff only to validate his claim of witnessing a lot of change.

    Secondly, and to his major point, It’s the ardent “anti-everything” ethos that is so prevalent here and that is so astonishing to he and I alike.

    Anti three stories
    Anti Air BnB
    Anti demolition of “historic” structures
    Anti chicken coops and bee hives
    Anti new gas station (in West Lake Forest)
    Anti zoning changes
    Anti school board changes
    Anti new train station (LF)
    Anti new train track

    Anti! Anti! Anti!

    The point isn’t how anyone rationalizes their stance on any specific issue. The point that I believe Mr. Anderson was trying to make is that:

    a) the supposed negative impact of proposed changes are being exaggerated to the point of hyperbole, and
    b) while “NIMBY-ism” is a somewhat normal reaction, people are being way too wound up in it…

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