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  1. Well said Brad Anderson in your letter to the editor! We should encourage people to keep an open mind and anticipate the future needs of the community. Our kids are now moving back to where they grew up and what better way to motivate them ( and their friends !) than to provide a vibrant community environment that they can identify with.

  2. My husband’s uncle was a vet, and after WWII, he and his wife moved to Lake Bluff to purchase their first home on Ravine Avenue. They had to install an oil tank in the back yard to heat the house before they moved in because prior to that, the house was used as a summer cottage. Unable to conceive, they adopted their first son from the orphanage in town that no longer exists. Eventually they sold to move to the east coast, but the house still stands after many useful additions. He and his wife always enjoyed a visit here to reminisce and although they acknowledged many changes have occurred, they appreciated the enduring charm and character that still exists.

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