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  1. Domestic violence is in every community, in every socio-economic level, in every education level, and in every church and synagogue. One in three women will be a victim of physical abuse, sexual assault or stalking at some point in their lifetime. One in five women will be the victim of rape. A woman is nine times more likely to die at the hands of an abuser after she has left an abusive relationship than if she stays. When will we as a community come to support the victims and strive to change our culture, rather than turning our heads the other way or trying to silence the victims? Churches are unhelpful and do not understand domestic abuse. Incredulously, churches usually side with the abuser, rather than believe the victim. Our women and girls are being destroyed. We must change the culture. If you or someone you know need help, please contact A Safe Place at 847-249-4450.

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