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  1. Oh please. The police need to admit they dropped the bill. In east Lake Forest homeowners usually have a valet service since parking east of Sheridan is prohibited; the valet company informs the police. Many residents inform the police when they are having a large party, and thoughtful party throwers let their neighbors know.

    Given the number of people, the amount of cars, and the late hour, no officer went to the party to even see if underage drinking was happening. Neighbors started calling the police after 10 p,m and NOT ONE OFFICER could get out of his car to check on things? Really? Meanwhile a landscaper was “robbed” of his leaf blower, by a cell phone, which resulted in a massive manhunt from neighboring communities, the LC sheriff and K-9 units, not too far back in recent pass. But this very large and loud party did not merit a closer look, even given the late hour?

    Also, it would be interesting to see extactly how many calls were made, and the time and content of the calls to the police. A FOIA should be filed by a reporter…but that is laughable in itself, since the FOIA manager is questionable at doing their job normally.

    Honestly, I would have far more respect if the police admitted they dropped the ball and will be making changes to procedures in the future.

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