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  1. The entire article has problems but claiming one puff off a vape equals a whole pack of cigarettes is ridiculous

    “Devices resemble the flash drive of a computer and are charged by inserted them into the USB port of a computer. He said one puff is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes. THC, the active ingredient in marijuana can be inhaled in the same way.”

    How about a little more due diligence next time
    This, in fact, a valuable cessation tool

  2. How misguided is this Lake Forest policy about vaping which is not based on facts. I’ve attended a number of events about vaping over the past few years, and just like the idea that organic food is healthier than other food item, the idea that vaping can be equated to the smoking of cigarettes is sheer stupidity. What should be prohibited for use by teenagers are cell phone which really prove a danger tfor their developing brains. John McCain’s brain cancer is the result of extensive cell phone use.

    Below are some facts that I gleamed from attending events and looking into research about vaping. It is the cigarette industry that wants to shut down vaping because it takes away some of its tobacco smoking customers.

    1. Poison reports by the American Association of Poison control Centers in 2015, showed that out of 547,286 reported exposures submitted, E-cigarettes came in very last at 0.5%. At the high end were Cosmetics and personal care products (26%) and Household cleaners (21%).

    2. Claims about E-cigarettes are exaggerated, such as, they are not loaded with toxins; they are not poisoning our children; they are not a gateway to teen smoking; they do help smokers quit; and indooteens.

    Important to promote use as widely as possible as a substitute for smoking.
    Passive exposure: no evidence of signifir bans are not necessary.

    3. E-cigarette vapor contain nicotine, at various levels or none; water; propylene glycol and /or vegetable glycerin (both are in many consumer products and are FDA approved). Propylene glycol is used to create artificial fog in theaters, concerts.

    4. Nicotine and Caffeine are both addictive, but they can be used safely. Both enhance concentration, performance levels, provide a sense of well-being and elevate mood. Neither cause intoxication, nor are they not linked to any major disease. We consume caffeine in coffee, tea and cola drinks. Nicotine is delivered through smoking cigarettes and E-cigarettes, but it is the smoke created by combustible cigarettes smoking, not the nicotine that is dangerous.

    5. Medication to rid addition to combustible cigarettes provides only a temporary bridge to abstinence; it’s expensive; the very low dose of the medication is unsatisfying for smokers; there is only a 5% success.

    6. The British are more informed than Americans about the use of E-cigarettes, which has led to a differing treatment of E-Cigarettes in the US. The FDA, CDC, and the NIH all claim:
    No evidence that e-cigs help smokers quit.
    No evidence that e-cigs are less hazardous than cigarettes.
    E-cigs might renormalize smoking and make it e a gateway to smoking among teens.
    Only safe, effective methods should be used or quitting smoking.
    E-cigs to be regulated exactly as cigarettes.

    7. The Royal College of Physicians & Public Health in England in 2015 found the following:

    Effective as aid to quit smoking.
    E-cigs are not renormalizing smoking or serving as a gateway to smoking, nor can they harm bystanders.

    cant harm to bystanders.

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