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  1. I will be impressed if this is ever built. Village of Winnetka has slow rolled and impeded this process every which way possible. There is no sane business person who should ever have to jump through the hoops that One Winnetka/TheWinn have had to. Crazy world, just read this article to get a small taste:

    Since the Village Council granted preliminary planned development approval to One Winnetka on January 17, 2017, the village’s Plan Commission, Design Review Board and Zoning Board of Appeals have reviewed and recommended approval.
    At the December 19 meeting, the village staff will ask the council to determine the following:

    if it is interested in considering the proposed changes
    if and how the advisory bodies should be involved in the review of the revised plans, and
    if the advisory bodies are to be involved, what direction the Council may wish to give the advisory bodies in their review of the revised plans.

    This is Orwellian in granting permission to build something on private property. 10 years this land has been a vacant/underused/eyesore. No wonder that Wilmette, Glencoe and Highland Park are thriving relative to Winnetka. Just let them build it. Please.

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