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  1. Just to clarify my comment to City Council, the train I was speaking about comes at 3:00AM every evening. It is a long, heavy cargo train that runs for 15-20 minutes. I have spoken to 10+ people in my neighborhood who are disturbed by the train traffic, and this train in particular. I am asking the City to do a better job monitoring the frequency, duration, loudness and vibration of trains. Amtrak trains fly through and are light and quick. A 200 car lumbering, fully loaded cargo train with 5 engines thunders along, rumbling and vibrating the whole neighborhood. China cabinets clank, shower doors clatter back and forth and dressers shake. I proposed the City measure the seismic vibrations of some of these trains. I don’t think there would be mich of a difference with small earthquake readings. Is this what we want for Lake Forest? Are the train lines being responsible running trains of this composition? I don’t think it is too much to ask our City leaders to look into this. Yes, there is something we can do! We should expect nothing less.

    David Rose
    Lake Forest, IL

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