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  1. Not a single person or child has ever died from a toxic cannabis overdose in all medical history. At its most dangerous cannabis is still much safer than the legal alternatives.

    EVERY 9 MINUTES in the USA a child is admitted to a hospital emergency room for pharmaceutical drug poisoning. Unfortunately many of these children never go home again.

    91 US CITIZENS ARE KILLED PER DAY from overdose of opium-based pharmaceuticals. Use of legal pharmaceutical opioids like Percocet, Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Percodan are proven to be a direct GATEWAY to heroin use. From the CDC.gov: Prescription drugs are directly responsible for over 237,000 deaths yearly in the US plus over 5,000 traffic deaths due to pharmaceutical intoxicated drivers.

    284 US CITIZENS ARE KILLED PER DAY due to alcohol consumption. Booze is a direct GATEWAY to alcoholism, homelessness, street violence, domestic violence, murder, traffic fatalities, teen pregnancies and death. Over 88,000 people die every year in our nation due to alcohol consumption plus 16,000 more in traffic fatalities directly caused by booze intoxicated drivers.

    1315 US CITIZENS ARE KILLED PER DAY BY TOBACCO SMOKE. Tobacco is highly addictive and kills over 480,000 Americans every year.

    Cannabis has still never killed one single person in all medical history due to toxic overdose. No matter how much cannabis is consumed (even an entire bag of edibles) it is never fatal due to overdose. Not one police agency in the United States even keeps a statistic for fatal auto accidents caused solely by cannabis intoxication.

    So, which is safer???? Legalize, regulate and TAX!

  2. I have see the exact opposite statistics about Colorado.
    From Reuters, Teen marijuana use in Colorado found lower than national average.
    From Time, Teen Marijuana Use Dips in Colorado After Legalization.

  3. Personally I’m not a big fan of legalized marijuana — but you lost me at “leftist lawmakers”. Try making a reasonable argument backed by actual facts instead of rhetoric and scare tactics.

  4. Your use of “Big Marijuana” and “Leftist lawmakers” suggests that you might be a wee biased on this issue.

    It would be neat if you could post the source of your statistics so we can evaluate your claims regarding cannabis use in Colorado by teens. For example, when Colorado legalized recreational use, it would not be surprising to see an uptick in the overall number of users – after all, the thing used was once illegal and is now legal. Are the statistics cited one-time use or prolonged use?

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