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  1. I, too, support the Amtrak stop in Lake Forest. It would add to the economic vitality of our region.

    The opposition might reckon with the fact that on occasion residents of our community regard Lake Forest as an isolated island, independent from the realities of our geography.

    Rather they might consider the fact — longstanding in its existence — that we actually reside in an interdependent metropolis. It is impossible to live our everyday lives without coming face-to-face with its realities.

    Every day the drivers of motor vehicles travel thru Lake Forest, whether on a north-to-south or east-to-west trajectory.

    As well, it is commonplace for residents of Lake Forest travel beyond its borders whether for a commercial transaction or to their work-a-day job sites.

    The railway network that travels thru Lake Forest has been in place for 159 years. It is a fact of life, indeed a necessity, of our way of life.

    I am sympathetic to the environmental hazards associated with passenger as well as freight railroads. To this we surely would agree that another hazard — much ignored — is the operation of automobiles as well as trucks on Route 41. Another environmental hazard is the often congested east-to-west Deerpath, especially between Waukegan Road and Market Square.

    The concern over Amtrak as well as the freight trains provides the residents of Lake Forest to conduct a serious review about the many different ways that surface-level transportation exerts a shaping impact upon our daily lives.

    A footnote to the foregoing: a proposal to expand the Union Pacific North Metra passenger rail line to travel northward to Milwaukee has been stymied by public opposition within Racine County, Wisconsin. If I read the rationale accurately it has to do with apprehensions about expanded passenger service bringing an unwanted category of people — think of them as “strangers” — into Racine County.

  2. I firmly support the proposed Amtrak stop in Lake Forest and I believe that there is substantial local agreement.

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