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  1. Congrats New Trier! I can’t believe my taxes went up to pay for a “shopping mall.” This is a high school !!! Hope you saved room for a Bloomingdales outlet store.

    • I consider Mr. Carlson’s observation ill-considered.

      When NTHS originally opened its doors in 1901 it was preceded by a long-running public outcry.

      Indeed, it took three tries before the township finally approved the referendum.

      Issue: the fact that the new building had a swimming poo!.

      YES, that was quite an innovation in 1901. Some regarded at as outrageous.

      Today aquatics at NTHS draw students to achieve their physical growth, whether recreational or in varsity competition (where great successes have been realized extending back several decades).

      Mr. Carlson might take a look at the buildings of other top-ranking secondary schools in Illinois, such as Adlai E. Stevenson H.S, Highland Park-Deerfield H.S., Lake Forest H.S., and the assorted school districts serving Naperville.

      To be sure they are are not your grandfather’s plain vanilla secondary school. (I am a grandfather.) All of the above schools, along with NTHS, prepare their students admirably for their next step on the ladder of educational achievement and a lifetime of fulfillment.

      Things change over time. That swimming pool, back in 1901, seemed outrageous to critics in 1901.

      Not so in 2017.

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