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  1. The Good Sir Porter left out one critical aspect: Expansion. In order to ensure the campaign to protect the community is appropriately shielded from differing opinions, Lake Bluff residents should encourage other communities to erect similar walls by visiting other small quaint towns without existing hotel solutions. To really infiltrate with the locals, they should explore short term housing options offered by various internet companies. Yearly Effort Supporting The Optimal
    Area Initiative to Reinforce Bogarting Native Bedding. The acronym may need work.

  2. Tough day at the office and I needed a good laugh-thank you Todd Porter!

    I too, have been watching this debate from arms length. Mostly I have been surprised at the tone taken by some in regards to this matter.

    The village has, in the recent past, spent countless hours and hours of many people’s time and a significant amount of money developing a brand to promote the fact that it is a wonderful community in which to live and work. Open, friendly, family oriented, and a tight knit community-great attributes worthy of the effort to get the message out there.

    I know that when I use airbnb, which I have done several times, it is to visit friends or enjoy an area new to me that I want to explore and enjoy. It seems to me that these are typically the reasons most of us who use it, do. It also seems to me that probably most, if not all of the users of this service, are just the type of people we want to get that ‘brand’ message out to.

    However this plays out, I firmly believe that this service is an asset to the communities, not a detriment. We should want people to visit. Although frequency of any particular place being utilized is certainly a legitimate concern by neighbors negatively affected by this use, I think it wise to step back and look at the bigger picture, and accurately assess how this relates to the core values of the village and residents within it.

  3. I understand the tongue-in-cheek tone to make a point but, “…. let’s face it, the west is not the best of Lake Bluff.”

    Excuse me???

    I live in Tangley Oaks and happen to think that being able to walk the rec center, uptown, the west-side retailers and yet have a very private, large wooded lot on a cute cul-de-sac in a neighborhood with walking paths and beautiful scenery is pretty darn desirable and not a lesser position by any means.

    • You’re right Jean. Tangley is lovely. Very defensible as well. Practically a gated community already, and once you have a gate, you’ve done the hardest part of building a Wall. Surely with those curving roads you’re especially susceptible to the erratically-driving Airbnbers, some of the worst in my book. What I don’t know is if you and your neighbors have that special LB Neighbors spirit that must be protected. If you want to continue leadership on demonstrating that, I say go for it. If you can make that commitment, then if I have anything to say about it, (Which, I’ll tell you a little secret, I don’t.) you’re in.

  4. As someone who does not live in Lake Bluff I have been following this interesting debate at arm’s length. My observations: 1) it seems a little strange that people would make Lake Bluff their favored travel destination for creating all manners of havoc, and 2) I want to live next door to Todd Porter.

    • Thank you, Nora. Properties could soon become available, as I believe some of my LB Neighbors may not agree with your observation 2). Or, at some point I may be able to offer you a short-term rental in my basement, which is currently occupied by a large, nocturnal man. If you see a vacancy sign in our window, knock three times on the window, declare that you are not an agent of Lake Bluff’s Village Administration, and then we can negotiate terms, which may involve Bitcoin or other services.

  5. As a founding member of the Lake Bluff Designated Arbiters of Fine Taste otherwise known as DAFT, I agree with Mr. Porter. Lake Bluff should build a wall . . . and make those who are in favor of AirB&Bs in Lake Bluff pay for it.

    • I welcome the support of DAFT. And if my financing proposals fall short, which is entirely possible, I agree with your idea for additional revenue. Though we do confront the paradox that if we effectively ban Airbnb, which is surely our ultimate goal, then it will be difficult to identify those who are in favor of AirB&Bs, and identification is necessary to effectively tax them. We must either identify them now by tracking their participation in meetings or social media, or develop neurological sensors that can detect activity in the Airbnb lobes of the brain. I suggest the former.

      • Dear Todd,
        It’s unfortunate that accuracy is important to you. We will build a wall, and it will be a Great Wall, in fact it will be the greatest wall ever built, and we will get Airb&b leasors and their supporters to pay for it. I know a lot about great walls. I am Asian.

        Tracy Burns

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