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  1. This is a classic example of fear-mongering. Am I, as a young woman who uses Airbnb, to understand that it is not a matter of if I will be sexually assaulted by a host, but when? That is grossly hyperbolic and not beneficial to public discourse. Find me one piece of evidence to suggest Airbnb users are louder or more likely to commit a crime than any other resident and I may be inclined to believe your claims about the potential affects on our town. In addition, your 100 signatures amount to 1.75% of Lake Bluff’s total population. You cannot speak for the other 98.25%.

  2. An opinion piece that is so laden with misinformation, disingenuousness, and exaggeration would not be compelling even with a few word changes… Each paragraph is filled with misinformation, but I will address a select few.

    Regarding paragraph 2: regardless of invoking totally unscientific “sampling”, being in the majority does not make one morally correct. Internment of Japanese during WWII, slavery, & suffrage are a few examples of the tyranny of the majority. This is why we live in a representative republic (with an electoral college) rather than a pure democracy.

    Regarding paragraph 3: people who do not live in Lake Bluff patronize our businesses every day. Bluffinia, other events, restaurants, retail stores, and other business all get significant money from people who are not residents. Those people are, by definition, “transients.”

    Regarding paragraphs 6 & 7: where is the objective, reproducible evidence that short term rentals cause a significant decrease in property values? Where is the objective, reproducible evidence that short term rentals cause an increase in violent crime or even just noise and parking problems? Regarding the anecdotes mentioned of specific violent crimes, how do you know those things wouldn’t have happened anyway? Lastly, are you aware that there are registered sex offenders currently living in Lake Bluff? There are, and they are living here as long-term residents; not “transients.”

    Any decision on short term rental policy should be based on objective analysis, not emotion and hyperbole.

  3. I would have found your opinion much more compelling without the hyperbolic and inflammatory use of “transient” 13 times in the statement.

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