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  1. So sorry to be out of town and country for Tom’s service yesterday. This wonderful tribute to him doesn’t have space to mention that he also co-chaired the Lake Bluff village caucus after his long tenure in Village government, or all he did for our Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary Club with his video work and otherwise.

    Along with Bob Rolek, another model Lake Bluff volunteer whom we still miss, Tom convinced me to come out of political retirement to serve on the Lake Bluff Village Board as he had done. He was a dear friend and mentor to so many involved in anything relating to or promoting the Village. If Lake Bluff is known for its spirit of volunteerism, Tom lived and personified it. May his example be known, appreciated, and followed by those who come after him.

    Thank you, Ethel, for all you have done together with Tom. Condolences and blessings to you and your family.

  2. How did I miss the passing of Tom Tincher? He was a true gentleman in every sense of the word. I could always depend on Tom to share with me the detailed program for Lake Bluff’s Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day celebrations so I would have the information needed to write up the occasions. He was always there behind the camera on Lake Bluff’s Village Green filming the events, proudly wearing his Lake Bluff American Legion hat, while his fellow members of Lake Bluff’s American Legion Post sat on chairs watching the ceremonies with the reverence and pride of having served their country.

    I did miss Tom at this year’s Memorial Day event on the Village Green, but I did take photos of the event which I then dropped off at Tom’s house, never realizing at the time that Tom most have already been quite ill. I am appalled that I had to read of Tom Tincher’s passing through reading about it in a North Shore News post, but what a wonderful tribute it was! Tom will always be remembered by me as the patriotic American he was, who gave of himself in so many ways to the community he loved, Lake Bluff.

    My sympathies also extend to Ethel. Tom and Ethel did indeed work as a team, and what a wonderful team they were!

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