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  1. I tend to be a bit more tolerant of my neighbors’ rights to their privacy and personal choices. No harm, no foul generally works for me. However, this issue isn’t about satisfying the desires of a few, either for or against short-term rentals. I hope everyone watches the community responses during the various village board and special meetings available on the local cable channel or village website links. There were several strong and valid arguments made from both perspectives at the Lake Bluff PCZBA meeting last night that are worthy of consideration, issues that I hadn’t considered. A referendum vote would be enlightening to determine which approach/solution best reflects the voice of the overall population. Another VOTE Lake Bluff Town Meeting? Or, at least another public hearing… paid signage doesn’t always adequately represent the will of the majority of taxpayers/property owners. Those board members were in a very difficult position last night.

  2. I embrace all discussion. Especially well researched and documented chats based on experience and merits of an issue. I, and others, do not embrace, nor respect, anyone fear mongering and hiding behind an anonymous market campaign to get their way, on any issue.
    To state the vast majority of Lake Bluff property owners agree to a concept that takes away basic constitutional rights asserts you have conducted a study? A study is when you attempt to put aside any politics, drama and slander to look at carefully evaluated and authentically researched potential community benefits and law in order to substantiate documented opinions.
    Only then should Lake Bluff form a decision to choose not to do what our surrounding communities* have chosen to allow. Only then should we make the decision that Lake Bluff will be known as the one community in the area, that without reason, chose to state we don’t care about residents who need to share their owner occupied home in order to help with tuition, parents nursing care needs, food on the table, or simply paying the mortgage.
    There are differences in this issue versus No3on3 because home sharing, or short term rentals in primary owner occupied residences in residential areas, have been in existence since time began. The new condo building in No3on3 was a new use. Also, current code clearly defines who IS considered a legal Lake Bluff resident. The marketing campaign chooses to change an age old zoning code. It is not the other way around.

    At this point, I am hopeful my neighbor’s fears of strangers/transients won’t transfer over to other things… like stopping Sunday night band concerts, because to many transients come in from out of town, while children roam freely as parents sip wine.

    *exception Lincolnshire with its large revenue generating Marriott hotel(hotels are in opposition to Short Term Rentals) and Park Ridge, rumor has it(unvalidated data) that they chose restriction because of crime issues(not short term rental related)

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