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  1. Three points:

    Daniel Biss lives with his wife and kids in Evanston. Daniel’s the local state senator for the area too. He’s not an afterthought like Ameya Pawar. Where’s his coverage?

    It would be more accurate to say Bruce Rauner owns a house in Winnetka. The governor owns nine houses, one of which happens to be in Winnetka. None of his children attended the local public high school either. The man’s connections to Winnetka are tenuous at best. One could argue he is just as connected to the Gold Coast, his ranch in Montana, or his ski house in Colorado.

  2. Reading about these three men – one of whom is already governor – something comes to my mind. I don’t think we need another beyond-wealthy political neophyte who is governor because, basically, he’s rich. We’ve seen in the past few months how running a business is nowhere the same as running a government. We need someone who understands the give-and-take of politics and the need to work with others, both of his party and the other party to get things done. Government service is not a reward for making a pile of money in the private sector.

    None of the three men above has any history of political service. Chris Kennedy may have political service in his blood, but starting off a political career as governor when he declined to run for minor political post in the past is not a good sign. The same with JB Pritzker. And definitely with Bruce Rauner, who has not had a great term as governor already.

    Let’s move beyond the Donald Trump-mode and find someone who has legislative experience and knows the give and take of our political system.

  3. Your story reads like a puff piece for the moneyed candidates . Daniel Biss, whom you only mention in passing,
    is a more qualified candidate, currently serving our North Shore area in the Illinois State Senate. His ideas for addressing the financial crisis in Illinois offer concrete solutions and need be part of the public conversation. Personal wealth shouldn’t be the main qualification for a candidate in a functioning democracy.

    • Sally, you’re absolutely right about Daniel Biss. I didn’t mention him in my letter because I wanted to concentrate on the three moneyed men featured in the article. But Daniel Biss, or another current legislator would be preferable to these guys.

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