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  1. The director of parks here is misled when she advises people not to see a doctor right away if they had a tick even briefly land on them. Lyme disease can be devastating! 3 seconds or less is all that’s needed to transmit Lyme and you may never know you were bitten and 30-40% ever see a rash, and antibiotics often fail if started later than 2 weeks after the tick bite. See a “Lyme literate doctor.” 50% false negative result with mainstream Lyme testing (need 3rd prong test such as those from Igenex lab). Smart to take Doxycycline after tick exposure. Also, mainstream medicine has just recently finally recognized and accepted chronic Lyme as a real condition and diagnosis.
    Lake Forest parks should put a bunch of “tick tubes” out to effectively reduce population of ticks. Amazon has them.

  2. If you are bitten by a tick, only approximately 60% of people get a bullseye rash, let alone see the tick. Often, people suffer for years without knowing why they are ill. If bitten, do not wait for symptoms or rash to appear to see a doctor. See a doctor immediately and demand Doxycycline for 4-6 weeks minimum. Send the tick away for testing. Ticks carry more than just Lyme disease and you need to know what you are dealing with and be treated appropriately.

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