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  1. Does anybody else see the irony in this article? The comical nature that this development has become? We will vote for a 60 day delay, because it won’t delay it an longer! “it’s been empty for so long!” Crazy worlld.

    “Commission member Beth Ann Papoutsis said she had deliberated a long time over whether to issue a delay.

    “It’s a shame that something hasn’t been done with this property,” Papoutsis said, noting that it was left vacant for so many years. “I don’t want the Landmark Preservation Commission to be viewed as an organization that delays a process when there has been ample time to do something with this property.”

    But Papoutsis ultimately voted in support of the 60-day delay, after concluding that the One Winnetka process would not be delayed. Michael D’Onofrio, Winnetka’s community development director, told commission members that the process would continue its course. One Winnetka is expected to be reviewed by the three recommending committees in July, before it goes to the village council for final approval in August, according to D’Onofrio.”

  2. This empty eyesore needs to be torn down. Yesterday would have been better. Please let the development move forward. The continued delays and ridiculous, multi year process has to stop. Why would anybody invest in this town if every idea is thwarted and delayed?

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