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  1. Are Chickens a significant nuisance (noise, sanitary, smells)? Do honey bee’s sting? what’s the actual risk? What are the benefits to bees and chickens? Have other towns allowed this and what is their experience? What would be a good pilot ordnance for our village? What ways can we assess the success or failure of a pilot ordnance?

    Stay tuned for upcoming SEC public meeting dates to gather input, ask questions, and share information on these issues and more.

  2. Lake Bluff may allow chicken coops and bee hives, but they are currently considering banning or severely restricting short term rentals through Air BnB? I have no horse in any of those races (nothing for or against bees, chickens, or AirBnB), but this seems like inconsistent thinking. The fear of short term rentals is that the renters would create nuisances, but so would chicken coops (odor, sanitary risk & noise) and bee hives (danger from bee stings). They want to “wheel this out slowly” to see how it works, but won’t do that for short term rentals? Again, I’m not taking sides, but I loathe such capricious and arbitrary behavior…

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