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  1. Sunset is a staple of fine service and always offering new products.
    The staff is wonderful and Hilda in Northbrook is so pleasant and helpful
    when checking out.
    The packers and gentlemen who put groceries in your car are so
    accommodating in Highland Park. All my experiences have
    been positive. People i know who have moved to Evanston
    and the city will always make a return trip to Sunset Foods.

  2. It’s all true. Sunset never disappoints in innovation, service and being supportive to local needs. I’ve enjoyed this store for fifty-seven years. Thanks Steve Sadin for this article.

  3. The Deer Path Art League, couldn’t be more grateful for the support of Sunset Foods and the Cortesi family for their generous yearly donation to the Deer Path Art League Annual Art Fair on the Square on Labor Day weekend. Sunset Foods has been a longtime supporter of the arts, and without their help, we wouldn’t be able to provide some of the wonderful amenities we have available for the exhibiting artists. Thank you Sunset Foods!

    Jillian Chapman
    Creative Director
    Deer Path Art League

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