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  1. Over the last several months there have been a number of essays/opinions submitted by our LF High School students. Each time I have been so impressed with their maturity, their thoughtful and well written pieces and their fearlessness to stand up and express what they believe. We have an amazing group of young people in our community that we can be so proud of. I agree with Richard- they provide hope for us “Boomers” and a bright future. Thank you to all of you.

    • DailyNorthShore has been running articles and op/eds from New Trier and LFHS students this year, and the quality of reporting and writing is impressive from both schools. We hope to expand “High School Insider” to the other high schools as well.

    • Mary Ann,

      The students involved in the Journalism program at LFHS are among the most talented, thoughtful, and dedicated students I have had the pleasure to work with in my career in education. They have really embraced the journalistic process and, like you said, have exhibited fearlessness in the face of some really unique and interesting situations throughout the school year.

      Aside from that, Mrs. Fawcett was also extraordinarily kind in providing us this opportunity to expand our platform. For that we are extremely grateful. I will share your positive words with the students as they always beam with pride when they hear positive feedback from adults. To me, that reflects that reciprocal respect that this community makes clear among the adults and the youth.

      Thanks again,
      Austin Scott

  2. Brett

    Thank you for explaining the essence of tolerance and collaboration. Your outlook provides hope to all of us “Boomers” that the future for all of us is still bright. We are counting on your generation.

  3. Very proud of you, Brett. It’s not easy to be proactive in support of what you believe in during your high school years, especially when people might disagree with you. I admire your boldness, your courage, and, of course, your beautiful writing.

  4. A thoroughly thought out and well written piece, and I applaud this student! The gender-neutral decision is a good one.. I would only add that there are an abundance fine and “nice” football players and cheerleaders at the school. The absence of stereotyping is always a good thing…

  5. Will humans-formerly-known-as-males be allowed to compete on “girls” team sports? There’s another archaic stereotype that needs to be done away with. Is anyone allowed to use any locker room of their choosing? Just how open-minded are we all willing to be? Is LFHS completely doing away with the concept of “male” and “female”? Who made this decision? What is the justification? Where is the good in this? Were any parents consulted? How far has this gone? The better question is, how far will this go?

    No, the best question is “How many fingers am I holding up?” . I am holding up three but I will force you to deny your own senses and see four. It is not enough for you to SAY “four”, you will suffer until you SEE four fingers. When you finally see four fingers, then I can get you to believe anything and I will utterly control you. — Orwell’s 1984

    Orwell was 33 years early. We have finally arrived.

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