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  1. Dr. Linda Remensnyder has worked tirelessly for years to help her patients with hearing loss hear and function in our noisy world. Her legacy lives on thanks to the hundreds of hearing loops that she advocated for to be installed in the greater Chicago area.

    Hearing loops broadcast audio from the PA system wirelessly to hearing aids and cochlear implants set to telecoil or T-coil. Thanks to Linda’s efforts, patrons with hearing loss at the Marriott Theater at Lincolnshire can enjoy the performance, those of faith hear the Word loud and clear in their house of worship and attendees at lectures in meeting rooms can sit back and thoroughly hear and enjoy the spoken word.

    Some of Linda’s clients became fervent loop advocates themselves. That is how one person living in Door County WI is carrying her torch there and fostering numerous loops and talking about looping to anyone who will listen. And the good news is that the word about this technology for people with hearing loss keeps spreading because, speaking with Linda’s own words, hearing loops beget hearing loops.

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