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  1. The author never contacted Parents of New Trier (PONT )to speak to us about our motivations or intentions. But even just a glance at our website should have informed her how off base she is in her description of us. Our goal was to add diversity to the racial seminar day, precisely so the kids could be equipped to talk about different aspects of the debate around racial disparities today, and what some people working closest to these issues believe is the real cause behind many of them.I think the best response to Mary is what Pastor Corey Brooks, in the center of fighting poverty on the South Side through Project Hood, wrote the day of the race seminar in the Chicago Tribune. No one is suggesting that Pastor Brooks’ world view, which rejects what he sees as the destructiveness of critical race theory, should have been the only viewpoint presented on Seminar Day. But does the view he represents not even deserve to be heard? That was the decision of New Trier, and apparently would have been the decision of Dr. Barr. I do hope the next time she writes a letter to the editor about PONT, she will do us the courtesy of reaching out to us first. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-new-trier-racism-civil-rights-seminar-perspec-0301-20170228-story.html

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