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  1. Ms Thorner’s comments were based on a lack information and a serious lack of empathy for anyone other than herself. This is a simple article about a few people receiving some level of relief from serious and continuous
    pain. How this became fodder for immigration law, the lack of a state budget and crime statistics the downfall
    of Western civilization! Yikes!! I am a nice, average 67 YO woman who lives with unbearable pain due to
    arthritis. I am considering taking marijuana for relief but haven’t made the jump yet. Why? Because of the
    unkind, ignorant people like you. Relax – the quiet pothead aren’t going to bother you or anyone else. (They
    may even be a younger relataive of yours.) In closing, as we said back in 1969, “Peace out”.

  2. How sad that people are being fooled into believing that marijuana can be helpful. Those who claim it is helpful could be helped by the synthetic form of marijuana in a pill form. This article is just a ploy (just like those which say how wonderful it is to worship illegal immigrants for their contributions to this nation) to extend the invitation to those who now know they can get marijuana legally by just claiming they are suffering pain when visiting a doctor. Of course this article is expressively for the benefit of the individual who is operating the clinic. How many individuals will now be able to satisfy their cravings through deception? This is happening in states where marijuana has been made legal for medical purpose. Medical marijuana will next led to the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes here in Illinois. Rep. Lang is certainly pushing for this to happen. Don’t we have enough potheads walking around in this state, a state that is already a failure economically where illegals continue to drain resources. And what do we get for it: crime and murder.

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