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  1. You mention Ted Moorman beating the caucus…something that could not be done by any of the Final (trademark infringement) Four…the voters spoke. As far as an under represented minority is concerned, perhaps we should have Presidents of the United States instead of just one. Chicken one day, feathers the next.

  2. To blame the loss of the “Final Four” on anything else but their dishonest campaign and hateful rhetoric is pure folly. They lost as a slate because they RAN as a slate, and an unsavory one at that. What is mean by “minority representation” here? The “First Four” are comprised of a mix of conservatives, liberals, Lake Forest and Lake Bluff residents. They seem to more broadly represent the voter base than the others. This letter sounds like the rationalizations of a sore loser.

  3. The reason the final four lost the election was not due to the Caucus, but rather due to the LF/LB community’s strong commitment to voting for truth, cooperation, and sound moral principles. The Caucus candidates lacked the big private money donors, but had the support of the people who wanted candidates who could work together without vilifying individuals and dividing our community. There should be no excuses. This was an age old lesson in that good can win when people come together and work to push back against inaccurate information and divisive campaign tactics.

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